Queenstown Disc Golf

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7 Manata

Heading to Queenstown for your next Disc Golf tournament? 7 Manata Queenstown offers Disc Golf Accommodation for parties of up to 22 guests.

7 Manata Queenstown is the only place to stay for your next disc golf holiday!

If you're unfamiliar with Disc Golf, or Frisbee Golf, it is similar to regular golf. The goal is for players to throw a frisbee at a metal disc golf basket.

Disc Golf has been played in and around the Wakatipu for decades, most notably in the Queenstown Gardens. The course offers a full 18 basket tournament course.

The Queenstown Disc Golf Club holds three annual tournaments, including the Queenstown Classic/Paradise Plates, Winterfest Doubles and Tucker Beach Rush. In addition, they offer a social league and regular pick-up games at 3.30pm on Sundays.

By hosting your disc golf holiday at 7 Manata Queenstown, you’ll have plenty of space for your party.

Explore the Queenstown Disc Golf Club website below for additional information.


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